maandag 2 augustus 2010

My comic strip

I am currently working on my own comic strip series. Bellow you can read an article what my comic strip is about.

My comic strip series "____________" is going to be about a bunch of good friends who all live in the idyllic, melancholic and cosmopolitan city of Istanbul - the financial, cultural and artistic heart of Turkey, with its romantic skyline, beautiful mosques, lovely architecture and the exciting nightlife of the Beyoglu district.

Among the bunch of good friends are blokes (men) and women, both gay and straight, rich and poor, both religious and as well as secularist: a great diversity, just like the Turkish society as a whole.

Some characters are students, others are not. But they have all one thing in common; they all wants to live their lives just the way they are, however difficult that sometimes prove to be .

The strip is not only about these good friends and their sometimes troubled lives; it is also about Turkish society, especially that of Istanbul, with its many attractions such as the overwhelming hospitality, the religious, cultural and ethnic diversity - and also with its more unpleasant aspects like poverty, the car-infested streets, the prejudices against minority groups.

Well-known topical issues will include the headscarf, the sometimes troubled relation between secularists and pious muslims, poverty, women's rights and human rights and the ambivilant treatment of homosexuality.

I want to give an as realistic a picture of Turkey as possible.

The main character is Mehmet Watkinson , 20-year- old bloke, half Turkish and half British, who studies psychology at Istanbul's English-speaking university, is homosexual, an ecologist, who is a vegetarian and eats organic food, who works as a deejay, is artistic - and at the same time an Alevi muslim.

The stories, characters, situations and incidents portrayed in this production are fictitious. No identification with actual persons is intended or should be inferred. I have just chosen certain names, 'cos i like them.

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